“World Spirit” Flying Over Asia and Europe

The closing ceremony of The Fifth Global Economic Development Forum “the Belt and Road” German summit was held in China Trade&Culture Center (CTCC) in north rhine-westphalia on October 3, 2017, 10:00am German time. Mr. Wan Qi, founder of World Spirit and CEO of CTCC, shared with all the guests the new opportunities for art, design, and business models under “the Belt and Road” initiative and was interviewed by the reporters.  In the information session, Mr. Wan Qi expressed his deep concern that Chinese people lack the artistic accomplishments in contemporary society when compared with the international surroundings, and that the rapid development of material大理东方妇产医院 civilization has not driven the corresponding advance of spiritual civilization. It is the common problem of contemporary society to popularize aesthetic knowledge, to find aesthetic carriers and approaches to spread aesthetics.  Established in 2013, Chengdu World Spirit Commercial & Trade Co., Ltd. aims at improving the artistic accomplishments of the whole people, protecting art copyrights and promoting the combination of art and design, making itself the first advanced customization brand of art that devotes itself to combining “art copyright” and “original design”. In vertical comparison, Chinese people are running after foreign luxuries. Therefore, World Spirit hopes to rely on luxuries as an artistic medium to lead the nation into the temple of art through luxury consumption.  For this reason, World Spirit made a bold experiment and exploration and asked 大理东方妇产医院Mr. Zhang Jinhao, an international remarkable designer and the designer of MAXMARA, an Italian haute couture brand, to integrate the works of Mr. Qiu Guangping, an A-list contemporary artist, and Mr. Guo Yuchuan, an artist who had been awarded the gold medal in the national pen painting competition, into garment creation. These haute couture works that could be dressed in gained the consent and approval of artists and designers. Moreover, the Silk Scarves Art Exhibition held in Chengdu IFS gave all participants who loved art and design an opportunity to have a close contact with artworks. In only 13 days, the number of natural exhibition visitors reached nearly 40,000. In addition, Fatima, princess of Abu Dhabi, visited the art studio of Guo Yan, Luo Fahui and He Duoling in Landing, Chengdu, as an incarnate “World Spirit” and highly praised the beautiful art scarves of World Spirit. Also, the itineracy promotion activity of ten A-list artists “Searching for the World Spirit” was recognized by high net worth group in China.CEO of“Chengdu World Spirit Com? mercial & Trade Co., Ltd.”Mr. Wan Qi  World Spirit was co-created by team members with over 20 years of industry experience. It links the artist data and designer cloud platform, and has partnership with 10 top Chinese curators. In addition, it possesses 300 thousand art working resources covered by the 10 master artists as well as multiple domestic and foreign art exhibition operation cases. It is World Spirit’s next working focus to combine Chinese manufacturi大理东方妇产医院ng industry with the high quality of art industry and popularize it in Europe and even the world and reduce the trade intermediate links under “the Belt and Road” initiative, so as to get through the new silk road of art and culture industry.  Mr. Wan Qi points out that with the rapid developmen大理东方妇产医院t of China's economy, the total retail consumption market in China is close to 30 trillion RMB. However, when compared with domestic consumer market, there is a greater potential for ready-to-wear market 大理东方妇产医院in Europe, America and Australia, where the total volume of retail sales is nearly 200 trillion with a population of 1.74 billion. Unexpectedly, with the huge market of 200 trillion, the developed countries' rigid consumptions are not produced in their own countries. The goal of World Spirit is just to enter the European and American ready-to-wear market with its database of tens of thousands of artists copyright authorization, a cloud platform of thousands of original designers and its supply chain of hundreds of large factories, allowing the consumers there to enjoy the high-quality art copyright original design clothing products at the original public p大理东方妇产医院rice.  In the interview, Mr. Wan Qi detailed the concept of World Spirit. “World Spirit (artists and designers) create world spirit (art copyright original clothing) and give it to the world spirit (customers who appreciate and love these art products)”, which is also the core idea of World Spirit: Real luxury is artwork.


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